Beyond Status is an initiative that strives to reach out, educate and empower marginalized HIV-positive youth and allies to combat HIV/AIDS stigma, particularly addressing the negative impacts racism, sexism, homo- and transphobia and classism have on our communities.


The Project aims to create, connect and foster a sense of community for HIV-positive youth, by youth. Although our attention is focused on queer-identified communities of color, we welcome all marginalized groups, including but not limited to women and the differently-abled. Our primary goals are to provide a welcoming, safe and supportive social space to help newly-diagnosed youth come to terms with their status by capitalizing on the Internet’s unique dynamic of semi-anonymous free expression.

Our Philosophy


We encourage our viewers to contribute in any way they can. If you would like to contribute articles and/or links, please register for a user account. After we clear your account, you will be able to submit content which you feel would benefit the site and our audience. All submissions will be further reviewed by our staff before publishing. We reserve the right to not publish any content we find inappropriate.


HIV/AIDS stigma is still very pervasive, and we take your privacy very seriously. While we do require a name and valid email address in order to register for a user account, we do not collect or record any personally-identifying information about our viewers. Furthermore, we will never divulge or sell any information we collect without your expressed consent. For our contributors, we understand that there remains an incredible amount of stigma and discrimination and we respect your choice to post content anonymously.

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