The Project is an entirely youth-led, grassroots movement and we rely on contributions from people like you to help continue raising awareness, combating stigma and promoting a more positive and healthy sexuality. The HIV/AIDS epidemic is adversely affecting our communities and we cannot afford to waste any more time. All proceeds will go directly to the Project.

Ways to help out

  • Make a secure donation via PayPal (see below), Check or Money Orders
  • In-kind donations (e.g. printing, media publicity, and etc.)
  • Provide gift certificates and other tokens as honorariums for participants, focus groups and nonprofit organizations
  • Do you already shop at Amazon? Use a our referral link and a percentage of the proceeds will be donated to the Project
  • Follow us on Twitter and on Facebook


We would like to thank the following individuals for their donations and contributing their time, support and services.

  • Mark B.
  • Jih-Fei C.
  • John C.
  • Ben D.
  • Michael F.
  • Albert H.
  • Kathy H.
  • Christopher J.
  • Monyrith K.
  • Chris L.
  • Kevin L.
  • Sion L.
  • Victor L.
  • Matt O.
  • Joje R.
  • Allan S.
  • Liz S.
  • Rick S.
  • Tim S.
  • Stacy U.
  • John W.

Questions, comments?

Please contact

Last updated 2010-03-06

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